Jazzmania Quintette- Wonderful

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From  http://www.20sjazz.com/videos/film-arch ... tette.html

"In this 1928 Vitaphone released this film short featuring a very young Georgie Stoll (he was 22) and his little
jazz band the "Jazzmania Quintette", including the extremely charming but slightly off-key Edythe Flynn. 

Titles are: "Ain't She Sweet", "What'll You Do", "Is She My Girlfriend", "Beautiful",
and "I Ain't Got Nobody"

At one point the pianist plays a phrase from Bix Beiderbecke's composition "In A Mist." Also nice examples of 'Single cymbal' drumming and Georgie Stoll playing the violin with the bow loosened and inverted as did Joe Venuti, allowing him to play all four strings simultaneously. Stoll was a child prodigy who would later become the music director for MGM Film Studios from 1937 until 1962 when he retired."

According to IMDB: Stars: George Stoll, Edythe Flynn, The Hot Four. Who are the other three (bass, piano, high hat cymbal)?

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Lord's discography lists a Georgie Stoll trombonist with Red Nichols.

Here is one entry.

Red Nichols And His Five Pennies : Red Nichols, Charlie Teagarden, Ruby Weinstein (tp) Glenn Miller, Georgie Stoll (tb) Benny Goodman, Sid Stoneburn (cl,as) Larry Binyon (ts,fl) Ed Bergman, Vladimir "Ed" Selinski (vln) Fulton McGrath (p) Art Miller (b) Gene Krupa (d) Smith Ballew (vcl)
  New York, April 24, 1931
E-36728-B It's the darnest thing (sb vcl) Br 6191
E-36729-A Singin' the blues (sb vcl)   -    , IAJRC 22
E-36730-A Love is like that (sb vcl) Br 6118, Collector's Must...! M-8003
Note: All above titles also on Jazz Oracle (Can)BDW8064 [CD].
Georgie Stoll And His Orchestra : Georgie Stoll (tb,dir) with unknown 2 tp, cl, as, ts, p, g, b and d
  Los Angeles, July 29, 1936
DLA-480 The girl friend De 976
DLA-481 Swanee

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Miss Flynn starts out all right, but as she seems to tire I suspect she could strip paint.