I Want To Be Miles From Everyone - Savoy Orpheans

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Posted in youtube by Jonathan Holmes.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4gFI2P ... wpw03c010c

Nick Dellow's comment under the youtube video:

"The distinctive ensemble intro (at 2:18 to 2:22) to Carroll Gibbons' piano solo is identical to the ensemble intro to Bix's solo on Frank Trumbauer's "Just An Hour Of Love", recorded on September 30th, 1927. The same four-bar passage is used on the version of "I Want To Be Miles From Everyone" by Oreste and his Queensland Orchestra, recorded at Edison's New York studios on March 24, 1927 (also uploaded to YouTube), so it was obviously part of the stock arrangement of this number. Presumably, the arranger of "Just An Hour Of Love" (it sounds like a reworked stock) simply incorporated it after hearing the Oreste version.?\"

Good spotting, Nick!