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Heinz Becker is a prolific poster of thirties music on YouTube. He's got a new series titled Benny Carter though the three I picked were Spike Hughes records. Spike was the Sam Phillips of his day; he wanted the hot stuff, probably originally cause of his hot twenties jazz background, and the results were some of the hottest records these 1930s musicians ever made. I picked Sweet Sorrow for a different reason. Some music seems so great because it feels so timeless, but other music gives you an ache because it feels so far away and forever part of a lost era, a treasure we can never get back or reproduce. Sweet Sorrow gets so sad and sentimental, nobody could play it today. But it's a masterpiece cause Hawk and the boys can cloy so beautifully to any extreme but Big Sid and Lucie counter balance with the most ferocious drum section I think I've ever heard. What a record.

I picked Fanfare cause it's so hot. Big Sid is great here too, more his usual self. Chu and Hawk, I guess that's Dicky Wells. Red Allen with his Bix rip. All so great.

Last, Sweet Sue since it's such a Bix classic. Nice to hear Red Allen give it his shot. i still believe that's where Lester Young got his ideas about 'wrong notes' as Roy Eldridge described Allen's playing