Frustrations with Discographical Data.

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I have great admiration and respect for discographers. Their painstaking work is invaluable. But sometimes, the errors can be annoying.
Case in point: Ben Bernie’s 1926 recording of “Cherie, I Love You.” Here is what Rust’s Dance Band Discography lists:

Note that “Cherie, I Love You” is listed as a waltz and that Paul Hagan and Jack Pettis are the vocalists.
Indeed, “Cherie, I Love You” is a waltz composed by Lilian Rosedale Goodman and published by Harms in 1926.

“Cherie, I Love You” was recorded by several artists in 1926. From ... veyou.html

Annette Hanshaw - 1926
Ben Bernie & His Orch. (vocal: Paul Hagan & Frank Pettis) – 1926 Note a duet with Pettis’ first name given as Frank
Ross Gorman & His Orch. (Instr.) - 1926
Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians (vocal: Tom Waring) – 1926
Ben Selvin & His Orch. (vocal: Frank Munn) - 1926
Newport Society Orch. (vocal: Irving Kaufman) - 1926
Walter Scanlon (aka Walter Van Brunt) - 1926
Louis Katzman's Castilians (Instr.) - 1926
Grace Moore - 1926
More recordings are listed in DAHR:
Gladys Rice Female vocal solo, with piano – 1926
Jesse Crawford Pipe organ solo  – 1926
Vincent Van Tuyl (pseudonym for Irving Kaufman) Male vocal solo with piano – 1926
The Harmonizers Male vocal quartet, with piano – 1926
OKeh Kut-Ups Male vocal duet, with piano (Ed Smalle and Jerry Macy) – 1926
More recently there were recordings by
Frankie Laine - 1947
Nat King Cole - 1958
Pat Boone – 1958
Several of the above are available in youtube and, as far as I know, all are done as waltzes.
Now comes the surprise. Here is the label of Ben Bernie’s recording.

CherieBrunswick.JPG You see that it is a fox-trot and the vocal is by a trio.
Listen to the recording

It is the same tune as the waltz played by, for example, Fred Waring.

Now, if I accept that Paul Hagan and Jack Pettis are two of the vocalists, who is the third?

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The third vocalist is Ben Bernie himself identified. by David Garrick in his magnificent Jack Pettis' webpage: 

"For the Bernie band Jack played his C-melody and tenor saxophones as well as clarinet. In a non-instrument role Jack appears as part of the vocal trio along with Paul Hagan and Ben Bernie on “Cherie, I Love You” (Brunswick 3170, April 13, 1926)."