En Souvenir.

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One of the recordings of "In A Mist" listed in

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Alix Combelle. Recorded January 10, 1941. For piano and small group of French jazz musicians ("Le Jazz de Paris"), including Django Reinhardt's brother, Joseph. Reissued in CD "1940-1941" Jazz Chronological Classics # 751. 1994. The title of "In A Mist" is given in this recording as "En Souvenir."

About a decade ago, we mentioned this recording in the Forum:


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This was pre-youtube. Now, "En Souvenir" is available:


Han kindly sent a scan of the record label. Thanks a lot, Han. He writes:

Just saw a good label shot of Swing SWX. 91-B En souvenir (In a mist), which was mentioned on the forum long ago.
The X in the prefix indicates it is a 12" record.
The label says: "à la mémoire de Guy Durand", which explains the title, which thus is not meant as a translation.
Django is not present on this 10 Jan 1941 session, but he is on the reverse 'Festival Swing' (mx 173-1), a jam session from 26 Dec 1940.
Here are the details of the 'En Souvenir' session, from the Bruyninckx discography.
Aimé Barelli, Christian Bellest, Severin Luino (tp) Maurice Gladieu (tb) Max Blanc, Charles Lisée (as) Jean Luino, Hubert Rostaing (ts) Alix Combelle (ts,ldr) Paul Collot (p) Joseph Reinhardt (g) Tony Rovira (b) Pierre Fouad (d)

Paris, January 10, 1941

OSW175-1 L'horloge de Grand' Père (Grandfather's clock) - Swing (F)120

OSW176-1 Parade des remparts du sud (South Rampart Street parade) - (F)110

OSW177-1 Fou - (F)94

OSW178-1 En souvenir (In a mist) - (F)X-91

OSW179-1 Midi à Jalopi - (F)94

Note : Entire session on Jazz Time (F)251279-2 entitled "Le jazz de Paris (1941-1943) Vol. 10" and on Classics (F)CD751.

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It's really superb. Thanks for posting.

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