Bix Beiderbecke’s “In A Mist.” Was It Recorded on September 8 or September 9, 1927?

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“In A Mist” is probably the most famous of Bix’s piano compositions, in part, perhaps, because it is the only one that Bix recorded himself.

August and September 1927 were tumultuous months for Bix. On August 5, 1927, the Goldkette orchestra closed at the Graystone Ballroom in Detroit. On August 6, 1927 Bill Challis and Bix left Detroit and drove Cork O’Keefe’s Jordan automobile to Atlantic City.
The Jean Goldkette orchestra opened at Young’s Milion Dollar Pier on August 8. 1927. On August 25, 1927, Bix, Tram and a contingent of Goldkette musicians went to the OKeh studios in New York City where they recorded “Three Blind Mice,” “Blue River” and  “There’s a Cradle in Caroline.” On September 5, 1927 the Goldkette orchestra closed its engagement in Atlantic City.
On September 8, 1927 the Goldkette Orchestra opened at Roseland in New York City. On September 8 or 9, Bix recorded his own composition. “In A Mist” in the OKeh studios in New York City. On September 15, 1927, the Goldkette orchestra recorded “Blue River” and the immortal “Clementine” for Victor. On September 17, 1927, Tram, Bix and Lang recorded “Wringin’ and Twistin’ for OKeh. One day later, on September 18, 1927, the Goldkette orchestra closed at Roseland and disbanded. It was the end of an important chapter in Bix’s short life.
There is conflicting information in the Bix literature regarding the date of his recording of “In A Mist.” Here I survey the data presented in various sources.
Delaunay’s Discography 1948. Sep 9.
Rust’s Discography 2002. Sep 9.
The Bix Bands Biodiscography 1972, Sep 8.
Sudhalter and Evans 1974, Sep 9.
Evans and Evans 1998. Sep 9.
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Mosaic set on Bix, Tram and Teagarden . Sep 8.
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DAHR Sep 8.  

Finally, I provide the “smoking gun,”   The OKeh File Card of  "In A Mist" courtesy of Ate van Delden

It is seen that "In A Mist" was recorded on September 8, 1927.
I have no idea why so many (otherwise)  reliable sources give September 9, 1927 as the recording date of Bix Beiderbecke’s “In A Mist.” The vicissitudes of discographical research.


Discography of OKeh Records, 1918-1934 by Ross Laird, Brian Rust. 2004. Sep 8. A scan of the relevant page.

DAHR page for In a mist.
OKeh matrix W81426. In a mist / Bix Beiderbecke
Title Source
In a mist (Primary title) Disc label
Bixology (Primary title) Disc label (Parlophone releases)
Authors and Composers Notes
Bix Beiderbecke (composer)
Composer information source: Disc label.
Personnel Notes
Bix Beiderbecke (instrumentalist : piano)
    Description: Piano solo
  • Category: Instrumental
  • Master Size: 10-in.
Source(s): disc.
9/8/1927 New York, New York [A] Unknown
9/8/1927 New York, New York B Master OKeh 40916 10-in.
9/8/1927 New York, New York B Master Parlophone (Australia) A 6236 10-in.
9/8/1927 New York, New York B Master Parlophone (U.K.) R 1838 10-in.
9/8/1927 New York, New York B Master Parlophone (U.K.) R 3504 10-in.
9/8/1927 New York, New York B Master Vocalion 3150 10-in
InaMistFileCardAte.jpg InAMistChallisSigned.jpg