Bix Beiderbecke First Name Misspelled!!

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It is well-known that Bix's last name is misspelled in various ways. A common misspelling is Beiderbeck. Another, uncommon, is Bidlebeck. But what  about Bix's first name misspelled? Just three letters, hard to make an error. But it has happened. Take a look at this Parlophone R127 record label.

BidBeiderbeckPresents Parlophone.jpg.jpg Courtesy of Nick Dellow.

Bix's last name misspelled as Beiderbeck. Not a big deal. But Bix's first name misspelled as Bid!!

Evidently the error was caught because here is another scan of the record label of Parlophone R127 with Bix's first name correctly spelled.

Noteworthy also is the credit given to "Bid/Bix Beiderbeck presents his orchestra." The credit in the original OKeh record label was to Bix Beiderbecke and His Gang.

Here is an old posting with a bunch of record labels of  Jazz Me Blues/The Jazz Me Blues.

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One more on German Odeon: "Jazz-Me-Blues" with hyphens; "and his gang" translated  as "und seine gang." Google translates "gang" as "Bande."


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Two more misspellings, from the contemporary press:

Bix Biederbocke

Metronome, November 15, 1926, page 18:

Jean Goldkette and His Orchestra are playing at Roseland and have scored a terrific success. They are also recording for Victor and recently gave a program over WEAF. Their success was so great on the air that the station immediately wanted to fix another date, but the recording company put its foot down on this scheme. The personnel of the band is as follows: Fred Farrar, Ray Lodwig, Bix Biederbocke, trumpets; William Rank, trombone; Stanley Ryker, Frank Trumbauer, Donald Murray, saxophones; Irving Riskin, piano; Chauncey Moorehouse, drums; Howard Quicksell, banjo; Steve Brown, string bass and Charles Horvath, manager.

Bix Binderlach

Jacobs' Band Monthly, September 1928, p.63

Leonard Heyton, former piano player of Cass Hagan's band playing at the Park Central Hotel in New York City, has joined Paul Whiteman's band. Without doubt, Heyton is an extremely clever arranger of modern dance music, as well as a brilliant pianist. It is largely due to him that the Whiteman organization has lately turned from a semi-straight to one of the "hottest" of the present time. Anyone not having a chance to hear Whiteman's band personally can listen to some of his latest records, and see how really musically refined this band is without being "high-brow", and yet red-hot enough to please those with the "hottest" taste. There have been many changes in the personnel of Mr. Whiteman's band of late. Henry Busse, his feature trumpet player and associate director, has branched out for himself, with Charlie Marglis filling his chair. Harold Marsh is back as percussionist. Frankie Traumbauer (saxophonist) and Bix Binderlach (trumpet) have also been added. As Whiteman's Band always has been a criterion for others to follow, we predict a "hot wave" to play a return engagement in the United States.

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A broken wrist has enhanced my understanding of how Binderlach came to be. Someone with either execrable handwriting or - hopefully and more excusably - a broken wrist, wrote down those names & a few days later either someone else or unhappily the original writer had to translate those scribblings. Beiderbecke and Binderlach have the same pacing and the same whirls, provided the handwriting is sloppy enough.