JBJ: 2017-18 Conference Game #18, deadline 03/03/18, 3 pm PST

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  • The game: choose a winner and margin of victory for each game involving Big West schools and Division I opponents
  • Use your Yuku screenname to submit your picks.  
  • Use a password...your predictions will not show on the refreshable scoreboard without them.  
    • If you can't remember your password or do not have one, just enter a new password.  I'll PM you to confirm your password.  
    • Once I've confirmed your password, your picks will then show on the refreshable scoreboard. 
  • If you submit picks and either make a mistake or want to change them, just use the form to submit another set of picks.  The spreadsheet is trained to show the most recent set of picks.
  • DEADLINE: 3/3/18, 3:00 pm PST (1:00 pm HST).  Picks submitted after the deadline will not show on the refreshable scoreboard, and do not count.
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