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Dogmatic Poster
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Interests I have a hobby wots unusual here in Scotland, but quite common in my home town of Scouseland. I collect car wheels. Any make, any age it doesn't matter. Not just ANY car wheels though - they have to have come off an unsuspecting parked car! I display them beautifully in my lounge and dining room. Currently, I have about 8,000 so it's getting a bit cramped in our house. We will have to move soon to accommodate my ever growing collection. My other hobby is collecting house bricks. I have some real beauties, which I keep locked safely in my china cabinet. I do sometimes fetch my bricks out, usually when I am 'collecting' car wheels. I use the bricks to stand the car on, so I can get away with the wheels without it being too obvious that they have been collected.

My collections mean a lot to me, so much so, that I have had to join 'wheelnickeres anonymous' to see if they can help before my innocent hobby becomes an obsession.
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