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Hi my name is Julie aka SPINNER who joined thi site over 10 years ago when I was looking to home my first GSD. I was chosen by Ron Richardson and Pamela Williams to give a loving active home to Chief aka Logan.
Now he has gone to rainbow bridge I have a gap in my heart and home for another GSD.

Q: Where do you live & how far you are prepared to travel to look at suitable dogs? I will travel long distance in the UK

Q: Are you looking for a dog or a bitch and what age range will you consider? (Please give min & max ages to be considered) Any other preferences? Always been used to big male dogs but would consider a female with the right temperament. Ideally looking for around 6-12 months but would certainly consider up to 4 years old.
Definitely would like black and tan/red. Short hair.

Q: Do you have children living at home or frequently visiting? If so please give details of how many, their ages, or when they visit, etc.
I have two step children who stay every Wednesday and every other weekend. Lad is 16 and the girl is 11. Both used to a dog previously (Doberman)

Q: Do you have other pets in your home that your dog will come into contact with and will need to be safe with? Please mention all pets, not just dogs and cats.
No other pets.

Q: Do you have other dogs? If so, please give us brief details about them eg, if spayed/neutered, age, how long you've had them, temperament and what you're looking for in a furry friend for them?

Q: Do you have any other requirements? e.g. if leaving the dog at home during the day, for how long? If you plan to take the dog in the car does he/she need to travel well? Plus anything else you can think of as relevant.
We both work part time.
My husband works mostly from home and is only out a couple of hours working locally. I also work local and pop in and out in the day on the 3 days I work. The rest of the time we are home.

Im very much a believer in ongoing socialisation and training, and not only physical exercise but also mental stimulation. I used to organise group walks for biggsd members in the Midlands and Logan became one of the stooge dogs on those walks bless him.
As for diet, my animals both dogs and cats have been raised on the raw diet.

I would very much like to be considered by any rescue centre and welcome a home check asap.

I have already seen a dog on here who is the perfect match!

Many thanks,


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:wave: Hi Julie,

So sorry you lost your beloved Chief aka Logan but great to read you are now ready to bring another dog into your life.

If you have seen a dog on this Forum which meets the bill, why not contact the Rescue where the dog is housed?

You have supplied lots of details and I am sure the Rescue in question will be only too pleased to hear from you.

The contact details are given with all the dogs listed under each Rescue, so why not give them a ring?

There are lots of lovely dogs on the Forum just waiting for their forever home to come along and be given the chance of a new life.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.



:fingers crossed:
Kysa - trying to be guided by Alfie, Dexter and Major from above .....but he's not for listening!

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Hi Julie
So sorry for the loss of your beloved Chief aka Logan
Always so sad
Hope maybe you will find another dog to fill that space in your heart
:gsd paw: :gsd paw: