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BIGGSD Funds - Please Read is dedicated to the rescue of German Shepherds (and GSD crossbreeds) in urgent situations. It is a collaboration of all UK GSD rescues, saving them from cruelty and death and then constantly working hard to rehome the dogs. The BIGGSD Fund purely relies on donations from members of the public and our website. For this reason the BIGGSD Fund has to be limited in its use. The BIGGSD Fund can therefore only to be used for rescuing dogs in dire need and very urgent situations eg. dogs at risk of being PTS.

BIGGSD can be called upon as a last resort and can donate funds to rescue such dogs and pay for the first week or two in kennels at a reasonable rate, to guarantee the dog's safety and/or to help with fuel costs to get the dog to a safe rescue place. As the fund is in such high demand, we regret we cannot donate to the costs of dogs' veterinary treatment (unless in exceptional circumstances where the dog is suffering) and there are no other funds available (please phone to discuss this).

We would also ask that any requests for help from the BIGGSD Fund be made by the RESCUE dealing with the dog and by PHONE CALL ONLY to John Robson on Tel: 01932 571268. General communication can be via email : Please do not use emails or the PM system for requests for funds unless you also phone after sending as there is a high risk of these not being seen and the request going unnoticed. If you are going to send an email or pm, could you please put a link to the posting for the dog(s) involved and a contact phone number(s) preferably a landline number where possible.

Many thanks.
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