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Many members of the BIGGSD community post photos on the forum of their own dogs, dogs in rescue & of the dogs & members on the walks. We are very grateful to all those concerned for their time & effort - pictures of dogs currently in rescue can say more than a thousand words to a prospective new owner, and everyone enjoys seeing walk pictures showing how much fun the dogs have together.
However, as the board is permanently in the public domain & in response to recent 'misunderstanding', we have been forced to make a statement to protect Biggsd & it's members/guests from incurring any legal action taken against them. All images are subject to Creative Commons license (basically that means give credit where credit is due)
Under copyright law, photographs remain the property of the original photographer, unless a previous letter of consent / authority has been gained from the photographer to use their photo.

Many members see photographs of their own dogs taken either in rescue or on the walks & may wish to copy/paste the photo for keepsakes/ albums / promotion of the rescue etc. Unfortunately , this is deemed as breaking the law if permission had not been previously gained. Saving to a hard drive (for your own viewing) is ok. Copy & pasting isn't (it's bandwidth theft) . We do not wish to see any member caught in a breach of the law & to prevent anyone inadvertently getting into trouble, we ask the following...

If you wish to exercise your copyright to any photograph that you post up on the BIGGSD forum, we politely request that you must clearly state this is the case to save any confusion. But to protect the original photographers rights of ownership , it must not be assumed that if there is no 'copyright' quote on the photo's posted on the forum , they are clear of copyright ownership , this is not the case. They still belong to the owner of the photograph unless permission has been granted. If however , the photographer posts a quote surrendering their rights i.e. - “I place these images in the public domain for free use by anyone” or similar, then you can safely assume that the photo's can be used without prior consent . If still unsure , please check with the photographer first

For further clarification , we have been forwarded this link which will clarify the position better. ... -c494.html

If the photo is used for commercial advertisement, explicit permission must be obtained from the original photographer.
If you wish to have a copy of a photo,please check with the photographer first.

If brief , Redistribution , publishing to another site or similar , is ok as long as not for long as credit is given.
Redistribution, For profit needs permission of the photographer & the photo's subject (or owner/parent)"

If you have any questions in regards to the above , please do not hesitate to contact any member of the BIGGSD Team via the PM facility for clarification.

Thank you for your time & understanding.

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