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Useful smart phone apps.

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April 8th, 2012, 3:18 am #1

OK, I got a droid bionic the other day and have been browsing the apps market. So far the usual suspects(flashlight, camera, GPS, ect.), but one app that jumped out at me was a cool motion sensor/time lapse camera widget. The motion sensor works, but not as well as a game cam...but it's completely based on motion, not heat, so it might be interesting to try it. Something I think might prove more interesting is the time lapse app, which mirrors a time lapse game cam, and simply put starts taking pictures of whatever it's pointed at, at a predetermined rate of 1 second to 1 hour(whatever you chose), until the battery or micro SD card give out. I can see that being interestingly useful for monitoring a camp while out in the field(phone is really easy to hide!), or, a false camp for a few hours time. Anyway, if you all have any other unusual or potentially useful apps, lets list em!