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Surprise, surpise, surpise.

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December 12th, 2012, 3:13 pm #1

Looks like after a hiatus the guys are back! What raised an eyebrow was this.

[..]Here’s where the weird comes on strong – we had a similar experience, only this was in daylight and it involved three trees. One at the top of the hill, one part way down and one at the edge of the tree line. Yeah, that’s strange but there was nothing visible with the last tree, and we were close enough that the tree ripper should have been easily seen. Moral of this story, things can get weird out there when you are being confrontational and using game cameras and motion sensitive lights and noise makers in attempt to prevent apple stealers from raiding an orchard. It can lead one to resolve never ever to mess with bigfootery again, or at least take a few months off until a damn TV show brings one back.

In other news, I2I&S continues to an eventual conclusion. There was a speed bump during peer review about ethics, who knew sociologists would actually have ethics, but that issue has been put to rest.

See you all in a month or two. They’re out there, don’t screw with em, just let em be.[...] :X

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