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Okay this ones a pancake

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April 2nd, 2014, 7:02 pm #1

I was bored so was chilling with the way back machine

You guys are looking in the wrong place for bigfoot, he was found and proved years ago. Hold on while I dive for cover, BTW this is a simple copy n paste all format etc original. :D

This one has at least nine critters. At bottom left, Patricia, squatting female. Second up above
is the half-bigfoot (Grover) with a huge arm draped over the small branch. Under him, is a huge owl head. Above
half-bigfoot is a gargoyle head with long nose. To his rt, are three chimps, kinda darkish, that have appeared
in other photos on other years, in different trees. Below them, is a clown head. Below that, is either a black
lab, or else two BFs clutching each other, and below that is a head similar to a grey alien head, with deep dark eyes. This
one, "Igor" also appears in photos taken next year, in 1979, and can be seen at
Over the three chimps (reported also in the Lummi Indian Res, Bellngham,WA) is another gargoyle head.
Imported from Paris and placed there by a CIA Black helicopter. (Also the alien head - CIA deep cover ..)
PICTURE ON RIGHT --- shows Judy Grant, sitting where "Patricia" sat, just back of the big tree. She has, imho, more
strange beings all aound her, but she did not see them.

All in the El Dorado National Forest, near Ham's Station, route 88., CA. Range - 235 feet. Camera -
Miranda I got at a hock shop with a sharp lens, 50 mm. Film - 35mm, asa 200 slides.

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OH for God's sake....

And yet there are people who are so desperate for a shred of anything to "believe in" that they'll believe this crap.