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More Than One "Bigfoot" Out There?

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Here's an article on that, that also has the same video embedded at the bottom of the story. ... show-video
'Finding Bigfoot' star reveals close-up encounter on CBS 'Early Show' (VIDEO)

By Mechele R. Dillard on 2012-01-07

Matt Moneymaker, star of Animal Planet's hit reality series Finding Bigfoot, discloses a close-up encounter with a sasquatch, and gives his opinion on whether or not the creatures are related to humans.

Matt Moneymaker, star of Animal Planet’s hit reality show, Finding Bigfoot, revealed on the CBS Early Show that he has been within 15 feet of an actual bigfoot.

The existence of bigfoot has been rumored for, at minimum, decades, but Moneymaker, president and founder of the Bigfoot Field Researcher Organization, claims he has seen one of the elusive creatures up-close. Moneymaker claims he saw the bigfoot at close range in 1994, saying that it actually approached the team. They were in eastern Ohio, he said, in an area much like Appalachian terrain. Unfortunately, there were no pictures taken, no video. “We went in there to figure out where we were going to set up a surveillance camera,” he explained. “The thing came up and approached us,” he said.

Moneymaker also said that, although they have not captured a bigfoot on camera on Finding Bigfoot, one came within about 50 feet of the crew and cast one night, even throwing rocks in its approach. “We’ll get them, no doubt,” he said confidently, referring to visuals of the animals on the show.

Moneymaker also cleared up a question that comes up often in the discussion of the creatures: It’s bigfoots, not bigfeet. “Bigfoots or sasquatches. Bigfeet would be what we have,” he joked.

With all of the technology available today, some wonder why no clear photo has been taken of the creatures if they exist, but Moneymaker said that it would be hard to take a clear photo or video of an animal that is typically running away from you. “You’re talking about an animal that will turn and run away. To get a clear picture of something, it has to hold still for awhile, out in the open, in daylight,” he said. “These things, if you’re close enough to see them in those conditions, they’ll see you. They’re usually never far from cover. They just don’t stand out in the open near a road in the day. So, if you spot one quickly, it will be running away probably too fast for you to even pull the camera out and point it.”

Is bigfoot man or animal? “Oh, animal,” Moneymaker said conclusively. “They’re a line of apes. They are not anything related to humans, in my opinion.”

Finding Bigfoot airs on Sunday night at 10 p.m. (ET) on Animal Planet.

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"Finding Bigfoot" star....... :X

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Yeah, right. Always a definitive statement coming out of him, or many. “You’re talking about an animal that will turn and run away." Not "run" ... walk, or walk fast, but there are VERY few reports of them actually running away. If he's such an expert, he should know that. And it's an animal, is it? Where's his proof? Maybe it is, maybe it isn't ... but here's a flash. WE are animals too. WE are apes, advanced primates, but still apes, duh.

' “We’ll get them, no doubt,” he said confidently, referring to visuals of the animals on the show.' Ah yes ... keep tuning in because you may get to see bigfoots on camera!

Bigfoots .... REALLY??? I thought the plural of bigfoot was bigfoot. Same for sasquatch.