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Madagascar and Lemurs

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Interestingly, the lemurs of Madagascar didn't start out there: they came from the African continent, long after they seperated. And ALL the many different types of lemurs appear to have come from one small band of ancestors.

Anyway, some of the smaller lemurs there hibernate UP TO 5 months of the year when food becomes scarce, so it makes you think that while different in many ways, when people say "no known primates hibernate", that's not completely true.

Lemurs are mamalian primates. I guess it's not COMPLTELY out of the question that sasquatches *could* hibernate. Various types of hibernations exist, with differences across different species.

Just something I saw today, and food for thought.

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i have often wondered if they have some hibernation mechanism, though there are plenty or reports of them in cold, snow and ice filled times.

something to ponder i guess.