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November 20th, 2013, 9:01 pm #1

We're a pretty laid-back, friendly bunch around here. We like things fun and relaxed, and for the bullshit of the bigfoot world to be left outside the door. So, we'll keep this sweet and simple:

- Absolutely NO political discussions or arguments.

- Absolutely NO religious discussions or arguments.

- Members are allowed one account, and one account only. Multiple accounts will be deleted, and repeat offenders will be banned from the forum.

Be aware that we're generally not a "woo"-friendly crowd, and as such, claims of portal-hopping, shape-shifting, mindspeak, etc., will probably not be met with much enthusiasm.

Rules are subject to change, addition, deletion, or amendment at the discretion of the Admin group.

See now, isn't that easy? Now go have fun!