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Finding Bigpuffery dba Finding Bigfoot Runnin on Fumes

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Finding Bigpuffery dba Finding Bigfoot Runnin on Fumes

January 29, 2012 by thebigfooteryenquirer

The tank is just about empty with the Finding Bigpuffery folks. Little to nothing found and shills, worker bees and some allege full-out frauds as “witnesses”.

Does it matter? Not to Frisch’s Big Boy, he’s earning a wage and filling up the franchised camping trips thanks to the hour-long disinfomercials. Does it matter to Animal Planet? Not much. Viewership dipped after the 2nd season premier, rebounded, then dipped, but the ad dollars are still coming in and profits made. Does it matter to the long in tooth BFRO members who predate the pay to play camping trips? Yes, their free work continues to line someone else’s pocket, in fact rumblings behind the scenes are like when the camping franchise/pay to play was launched. But fear and loyal political officers continue to prowl looking for discord, and it is dealt with severely. The post exile rants from das über cheese continue to be classics of smear.

Tomorrow’s Ohio episode should be very telling on the downward spiral of quality. On deck are a questionable, wanna be attention getter and a snowy video that is clearly a hoax. A well documented debunk was done matching pant colors of the videohoaxer’s son and the creature of question and filming only human boot prints in the area. When confronted the videohoaxer even confessed, actually it was more of an excuse “I released the video and said it was the real deal as a test of the research skills of my viewers”. Naturally that video is now missing and the snowy video is in lower definition, and ironically the wannabe to be featured did the debunk video that is no longer up on his youtube channel. Having it both ways is bigfootery gold.

Now that the show is set for air it will be hard to change the content beyond the post briefings and other spins. If any one of the four stars conclude ”squatchy” it will be yet another dark mark upon the hard-working volunteers, especially those that earned their way in instead of sending a check and going to camp snipe hunt. It will also prove either a total lack of research upon the producers and stars, the destitute poverty of content for the show or the povery of ethics that prevail there. Either way Finding Bigpuffery is runnin on fumes. It depends upon how you measure if one can conclude it is successful.

Show post script: We must admit three of us did watch this episode in real time, while inventing a new virtual drinking game at the same time. The concensus is that not only have “expedition shills” been enlisted to pimp the camping trips but a new type of shill, the debunking target - aka Todd Standing and the youtube Squatchmaster - have been brought in unknowingly to build some skeptical street cred. Such manipulation, such bigfootery gold. Has there been time to edit the commentary related to the Sobe bomb video? Not on twitter, but perhaps for the show.