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Creatureweekend, Bigstinkery and We Warned Yee

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wrote: As the speaker line up is down, it would seem that the star attraction, Bob Gimlin, did have to cancel. It would seem the bigstinkery label fits. Here's a little tidbit, less than a day ago, and well after the folks behind the curtain knew about this development, they were urging people to get their reservation in for lodging. And these are your "friends" and people to trust with your time and money? Kinda stinky, taking time to plug the event but not the time to make sure people know what they are getting into. If someone has second thoughts, most hotel's cancellation policy is to certainly refund deposits with a nearly two month notice.

Karma, incompetence or happenstance? Not sure. Still stinky giving "bigfoot researchers" the old used car sales rep rush to put a deposit down when they know the vehicle is not what the customer thinks it is. Let the fussing begin, well actually, continue.