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A Few “Predictions” for Finding Bigpuffery (dba. Finding Bigfoot)

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A Few “Predictions” for Finding Bigpuffery (dba. Finding Bigfoot)

January 2, 2012 by thebigfooteryenquirer

A little less “everything is bigfoot”, slightly more debunking (any debunking will equal slightly more).

A little more slipped in references to the camping trips during the infomercial, with Wally taking away the allowance gotta generate cash somewhere else.

About the same amount of dishonest editing; inserting sounds, strategic cuts, allusion and illusion for joe public.

A great deal more of huckstering to generate an audience.

Based on less than stellar numbers for the P&G extravaganza a few months ago, fewer, yet(i) enough, viewers.

First levels will love it, higher levels are either burnt out or have to praise it to keep the access and per diems flowing.