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Full name: Ryan William Fothergill
Age: 19

I started using InvisionFree in 2005. I was asked to join the Global Support Team in April of 2008 and was promoted on May 15th, 2008 for Zathyus Networks. My strengths are reserved for technical support, but I do handle most of the abuse reports that are submitted by users across the network. More recently I have taken an interest in the advertisement game for the service and have built my first forum using the ZetaBoards forum software. I hope that I can bring my technical experience to the table and offer some well-organized advice for users of both message board services.

Offline: I enjoy spending time outside and partying with my pals. Video games and playing sports with the boys are also high on my hobby list (although I don't seem to do it enough). I enjoy poetry and English and in 2010 I'll be attending university to study theatre.

[color=#AA9879] [b]Nivexonix [/b] [/color]

I started out on forums in August 2005, initially joining a Yu-Gi-Oh community using phpBB. We switched over to vBulletin and during this time was when I was first introduced to InvisionFree, in late 2005/early 2006. I have used both IPB and vBulletin as well as phpBB and ZetaBoards. Since becoming an active forumer, I have managed about 5 of my own forums, none of which have had massive statistics. In addition, I have moderated on dozens of forums, such as the Theme Zone, ZetaStyles/Prodigy Networks, Skin Panel, InkDrop Styles, and IF Limits, and have been an active member on staff/admin-focused forums, such as The Admin Zone and Staff-Lounge. Outside of forums, I enjoy running and lifting weights. I also play basketball and badminton on occasion. Although I am a new driver, I also enjoy driving very much and have an interest in cars. I am planning on going into a science or math field after I finish up high school.
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