YWG (Winnipeg) Tuesday, July 11 $19 full size - rejected

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YWG (Winnipeg) Tuesday, July 11 $19 full size - rejected

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07 Jul 2012, 15:22 #1

I needed a car for one day next week.  No rush - so I can try again in a couple of days or look in the local papers for deals.

First try - $7 for a Corolla (MidSize) - rejected
Second try - $11 for a Standard (Ford Focus)- rejected
Third try - $19 for a full size (Impala) - rejected
Fourth try - $14 for a compact (Yaris) - rejected
Fifth try - $14 for a economy (Chev Spark) - rejected

all  bids were through the link from this site.

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07 Jul 2012, 17:37 #2

Maybe cause you're out of your North Dakota stomping grounds. By the way, July 11 is Wednesday. If you bid the wrong date, you can bid again today but I would strongly suggest you check retail rates first and as long as they are more than Hotwire's rate, bid just a few dollars less than Hotwire's rate.
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