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Think Twice Before Being Critical

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February 1st, 2001, 4:54 pm #1 has been a wonderful resource to thousands of people all over the world. Unfortunately, there will always be a few who spoil the fun.

Respectful disagreement and criticism is always welcome on this board. Disrespect, name calling and/or anything that could be construed as abusive in any public forum will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate termination of posting privileges--no exceptions. Some of the policies I have set for this board seem to be considered unreasonable by some posters. Some of the comments I have seen clearly indicate that the poster is not aware of the legal ramifications by which I am subjecting myself in allowing certain postings. If you cannot trust my judgment when I make the decision to remove or edit postings, then this message board is best forgotten by you. Questioning an Administrator or Moderator action on the board when the action is outlined in our Posting Guidelines may result in termination of your posting privileges.

It also seems that some people think that I work for Priceline. I do not work for Priceline and's affiliations in the travel industry are fully disclosed at the bottom of your screen.

You are welcome to email your comments to me. I will reply to your emails if they are in a civil tone and if I feel there is anything to be gained by responding. Under no circumstances do I respond to threats or critical remarks made in any public forum.
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