Sheraton Lake Buena Vista Resort (Disney LBV), $60, April 14-18, 2018, 4 nts.

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Sheraton Lake Buena Vista Resort (Disney LBV), $60, April 14-18, 2018, 4 nts.

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21 Oct 2017, 16:19 #1

Hubby & I are planning 4 days at Disney Parks in April.  We wanted to be close to Disney World, so entered 4 areas: Disney LBV, Disney LBV East, WDW Disney Springs, & WDW Bonnet Creek.  (Before bidding, I checked the Express Deals, and Disney LBV was offering a 4* for $64.  I figured that might be the Sheraton.  We seem to have gotten the Sheraton on the last few times we've been at Disney.) 
Started bidding at $56, going up $1 at a time and entering a free rebid each time.  Accepted at $60, which seems to be the going rate for this hotel.  Although once I had to go to $64.  Reg. Rate for the Sheraton for my dates was $139 a night.
I used a link in Sheryl's post, but I miss the keys being at the top, like before.  I tried to click on the big ad for Priceline, but it just put a little box on the upper left corner of my screen, which it didn't allow me to expand.  So I couldn't bid from it.
Happy Bidding Everyone!  I'm so thankful to this site, which allows us to have a 4* room at a 1* price.
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Thank you for placing your bid through our Priceline link.  Great deal for your Spring Break dates.
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