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SFO-IND $218 7/2 to 7/8 - Hotwire wins (2 people)

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May 16th, 2002, 4:47 am #1

This was for 2 people...there are a lot of "companion" fares out there right now and I wonder if Hotwire takes the number of people into account and Priceline doesn't.

Hotwire's SFO price today is $218 including all taxes/fees, 1 stop, nonjet OK, no redeye.

On Priceline I bid up to $172 today, 1 stop, nonjet OK, no redeye, depart either SFO or SJC. SFO airport taxes/fees are either $31.00 or $34.00 as per various counter-offers from Priceline, plus $10 bonus, +5.95 Priceline fee = either $217.95 or $221.95 rejected by Priceline.

Hotwire info:
Depart Tue, Jul 2, 2002
$218 round-trip per ticket
SFO San Francisco Intl.

Mon, Jul 8, 2002
IND Indianapolis Intl Airport

Search Expired at 5:39pm PT at 5/15/02 - Ref No.

but here are some of the Priceline counter-offers I got:

SJC $238+tax/fees=$281 (countering $140 offer)
SFO $194+tax/fees=$231, 4 hr layover (countering $140 offer)
SFO or SJC $219+tax/fees=$263 (probably SJC) (one of 2 counters to $160 offer)
OAK $196+tax/fees=$236 (countering $108 offer)

Some airline prices I've found in the last couple of days (I didn't recheck all to see if any dropped today). Including all taxes/fees:

1 person:
SJC $281 America West
OAK $234 America West (2 long layovers on return)
SFO $268 Northwest Orbitz (Continental, Delta similar)
SFO $272 America West Travelocity (redeye)

Half of 2 people:
SJC $274 Southwest (but return a day later)
OAK $228 Southwest
SFO $236 American Orbitz (ATA, UA, Continental similar)

Hotwire by the way was $292 SJC, $328 Oakland.

By the way, does anyone know what happens if only one person shows up for a Hotwire or Priceline reservation for 2 people? There is no refund, of course, and the remainder of the no-show's reservation will be cancelled. But I assume there is no problem for the person who does show up?


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