Seattle/Downtown - Seattle Sheraton 4*

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05 Nov 2007, 03:30 #21

Wanted to report on our stay last week 10/29/2007. We couldn't have been happier with the rooms. No mention of Priceline, no attitude, we were treated like full-price guests. The rooms were up high, fine views, no noise. There are two towers at this hotel, we did get the tower that did not have the pool in it, but not a big deal. You simply take the elevator down to the second floor and walk to the other tower's elevator and go up to the pool. Some may consider that a hassle, but for $95 a night I'll take it anytime.

We always use the link. Thanks for everyone's posts, Seattle visitors are very active posters. I wish Boston visitors posted as much...

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We stayed at the Sheraton on Feb. 3-5, 2008, a second stay for me (I paid rack rate the first time - this time it was $89/night through PL). I requested a higher room and got the 23rd floor which had a decent view facing west (could see a glimpse of water between two skyscrapers). Our beds were great, even though we were in the older tower and had a smaller TV (I ~think they've upgraded the new tower rooms to have flat screens but am not positive - does anyone know?) It was extremely quiet, as if no one else was on our floor. We ate dinner in the hotel restaurant one night and it was tasty, but on the expensive side (as are most places downtown). The evening I went swimming there was no one else in the pool or hot tub, such a relief not to deal with noisy kids. The location is wonderful, within walking distance of two downtown malls, the convention center, the library, the Moore Theater, and Pikes Market. Just be sure to bring good walking shoes and an umbrella.

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I've stayed at the Seattle Sheraton three or four times this year on PL bids and have always been treated like a full-price guest. Based on what I'd read, I always ask for the Union Street tower (the new one) and have had really, really nice rooms there, usually with a decent view. The lobby is comfortable and large, with free wi-fi (unlike in the room, where you pay). Last time I was there they were renovating the workout facility and the pool was closed, but that should lead to a better gym in the near future.

Because of the Sheraton's convenient location to everything, I leave the car home and take the train so I haven't had the parking headache some guests have experienced.

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Had a fine time at the Sheraton this past week.
Parking is certainly a hassle, but if you're car free, the location can't be beat.
Was surprised to get a fair amount of street/hotel party noise from our room on the 14th floor, but really, it wasn't anything worse than comes with living in a city anyways -- festive party in the hotel bar: check! drunken louts stumbling in the hallways around midnight: check! Trash trucks crashing and beeping at 6 am: check!
I'd be happy to stay there on my next visit, but I'll try and remember to ask for a higher floor.

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I stayed here for one night and I noticed no one has posted a review in a while. I did not stay in the hotel much, pretty much just to sleep. I liked it. I checked out the gym and pool and they look nice. The little coffee/pastry place was good. What I really wanted to say is if you are a woman and like to shop, there are a ton of trendy shops within a block or two like H&M, Abercrombie and Fitch, American Apparel. Living in the SF area, downtown SF has similar opportunities with less hills, but if you are going here and like to shop this is the hotel for you. By the way prices were going for $189 and I got it for $90 first try without using rebids. If I would have had more time I would have liked to check out the Columbia store on 5th Ave.

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I have stayed at this Sheraton off and on for the past 10 years...always using Bidding for Travel to book,  It is a fabulous value if you can get it for $90 - $110 a night.  This past month I was there with a wedding party in a room block and ended up paying close to $300 a night ..not a good value at all!   It is super close to wonderful shopping and restaurants.  Parking I believe is now $50 a day so...don't bother with a car unless you really need one.  There is a light rail that costs less than $3.00 that goes from the airport to right in front of Nordstom.  It is an easy 3 block walk to the Sheraton.  You end up paying for internet in your room - a little frustrating but it is free in the lobby.  They say "free internet" - its  misleading.  Rooms are nice enough and love the crisp white sheets and great beds.  Some rooms are showing some wear - they are updating them as they go.  Beautiful lobby and decent/friendly bar. Will stay here in a heartbeat if I can get it for around $100 a night.