by verkuilb
18 May 2010, 21:03
Forum: Missouri - St. Louis
Topic: 4* St. Louis DT Renaissance St. Louis Grand Hotel, 5/5 (1nt), $66
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4* St. Louis DT Renaissance St. Louis Grand Hotel, 5/5 (1nt), $66

<t>After weeks/months of failed attempts, I finally got this hotel for our night in St. Louis for a Cards game.<br/> <br/> With the significant number of recent winning bids for 4* DT being in the mid-$40s, there must be something going on in St. Louis this particular weekend which is driving up dem...
by verkuilb
15 Jul 2009, 19:31
Forum: Illinois - Chicago
Topic: 4* MP Hyatt Regency $59/nt 8/13-16 (3 nts)
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4* MP Hyatt Regency $59/nt 8/13-16 (3 nts)

<t>Used free rebids and a lot of permutation bidding, starting at $45 and increasing $1 each, until I got success at $59. $35.85 in taxes and fees brings the three-night total to $212.85. Hyatt's lowest online price was $149/nt, and lowest 4* in the MP region was $139/nt. <br/> <br/> Used A-B link. ...
by verkuilb
01 Dec 2008, 21:23
Forum: Florida - Orlando/Walt Disney World
Topic: 3* WDV Radisson Resort Orlando/Celebration 4/3/09 1 night $34
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3* WDV Radisson Resort Orlando/Celebration 4/3/09 1 night $34

<t>Initial bid of $30 received a $38 rebid offer, which I rejected. <br/> $31 rebid failed. <br/> $32 bid received a $40 rebid offer, which I rejected. <br/> $33 rebid failed. <br/> $34 was successful. <br/> <br/> + $11.64 taxes/fees = $45.64 total. <br/> <br/> Because this was an "If I can get it c...
by verkuilb
19 Nov 2008, 20:24
Forum: Member Announcements
Topic: No Win After Bidding Up To Counter Offer
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<r><QUOTE><s>[quote]</s> Could it be possible that there was a room available at the counteroffer price, but it was taken by someone else before you got your bids in? <e>[/quote]</e></QUOTE> <br/> Yes--although I've had situations like this where that clearly wasn't the case. <br/> <br/> A couple we...
by verkuilb
16 Nov 2008, 05:32
Forum: Member Announcements
Topic: Two Types of Counteroffers
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<r><QUOTE><s>[quote]</s> Are you aware that there are two types of counter-offer? <br/> . . . . <br/> Type A *ALWAYS* hits if you rebid, deduct 10% and round the dollar *up*. <br/> . . . . <br/> Type B is the troublesome one. There is a hit price somewhere between your bid price and the type A hit p...
by verkuilb
24 Jun 2008, 14:09
Forum: Member Announcements
Topic: Priceline bonus money for bids -Use it or lose it
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No money here

<t>I just checked "my rewards"--and nothing was there. Or at least, nothing that could be used for hotels or flights. There was a $75 bonus money offer for booking a vacation package for two or more to Jamaica or the Bahamas, if you complete the vacation before 7/15/08, but nothing else. Oh well...<...
by verkuilb
05 May 2008, 18:48
Forum: Member Announcements
Topic: Hey guys--see administrator announcements for important news
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<r>Wow--What a week for!!! A new and improved message board hosting site, the return of Sheryl--if things keep up at this rate, I'm half expecting the return of the free PL bonus money by the end of the week! <IMG src="forum_data/"><s>[img]</s>f...
by verkuilb
01 May 2008, 17:56
Forum: California - Disneyland/Orange County
Topic: Help Finding A Suite?
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Re: Help Finding A Suite?

I believe you really only have two options--bid two rooms, then contact the hotel and ask them to make them adjacent; or shop outside of Priceline.
by verkuilb
30 Apr 2008, 15:24
Forum: Wisconsin
Topic: 3* Cedar Creek Lodge- Wausau-Schofield $50 4/17/08
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Re: Lodge

GoBucky, just curious--Who led you to believe that the passes would be included in the bid price? Was it someone at the hotel, someone with Priceline, or someone else?
by verkuilb
30 Apr 2008, 15:20
Forum: Minnesota - Minneapolis/St. Paul Area
Topic: 2* ESA Maple Grove $24 5/20 1 nt.
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Re: 2* ESA Maple Grove $24 5/20 1 nt.

<r><QUOTE><s>[quote]</s><B><s>[b]</s><I><s>[i]</s>Quote:<e>[/i]</e></I><e>[/b]</e></B><HR>[hr]</HR>Looks like the location might burn off some of the savings in gas costs,<HR>[hr]</HR><e>[/quote]</e></QUOTE> Depends on what your destination is. For some, that would be an excellent location at an abs...