SEA $22 Full-size 9/2-9/12

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SEA $22 Full-size 9/2-9/12

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01 Sep 2015, 04:34 #1

Didn't have time to patiently fish for it - trip is coming soon and I had one shot. Retail websites ranged $26-$56/day. Hotwire had it for $24 which became my fallback option. Bid $22, got the "unlikely to win" screen suggesting $25, bid $22 again and it was accepted.

Used BFT link

Thanks, Sheryl, for teaching me all the tricks some years ago, even if I didn't get to use them all this time.

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01 Sep 2015, 04:38 #2

Thank you for placing your bid through our link to Priceline. I think your bidding was smart given the closeness of your pickup date.

Please update your email address in your Yuku profile if it's no longer current and please post all of your bids when you obtain them.
Please place all of your Priceline bids through our Priceline link.
Please check rates at Hotwire and make your bookings through our Hotwire link.