San Francisco parking rates

There are some hotels in Downtown San Francisco that restrict occupancy to 2 people per room and have only one double bed.

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For my family vacations, we always stayed at one of the motels or motor inns on Lombard Street/HWY 101. We chose places that had visible free parking on site. Think Travelodge and similar motels. That neighborhood is a decent walk to the wharf area.

Also, borrow or pick up an AAA book for California and look for one, two, and three diamond motels for that area. You'll save time and gain insight.

I live close enough to the bay area for day trips now and I like parking short term in the Cost Plus World Market parking garage in the wharf area.

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The city gov't website with the current parking rates is:

sutter/stockton $33/day
union sq $30/day
5th/mission $22/day
Ellis/Ofarrel $29/day

So you save $15-20/day since you don't
pay the hotel tax. We've parked at union sq
when staying at the grand hyatt, no problems.

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The Mark Hopkins Intercontinental quoted parking $50/night, to which the city's hotel tax is added, getting closer to $60!

A SF native just told me about parking at Grace Cathedral's lot, one block away. Called them and the 24-hr rate is $27. Here's info from Grace's site.

Parking at Grace Cathedral:

Daytime street parking near the Cathedral is limited to two hours, except on Sundays. There is no parking on the right (north) side of Sacramento Street on weekdays from 4 PM to 6PM, and if your car is parked there it will be towed.

The garage on the Cathedral property is operated on a lease basis by Ampco System Parking. Ampco sets the prices and makes the policies. Ampco's phone number is 415.346.9156.

The garage is open Sunday through Wednesday from 6:30 AM to midnight and Thursday through Saturday 6:30 AM to 2 AM.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
Disabled access &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Parking for those with disabled parking cards is available in the cathedral garage with elevator access to the cathedral, chapter house, and plaza level. You may also enter through the Taylor Street ground level entrance. Signs will direct you to the appropriate elevators. On-street parking for those with disabled parking cards is available on the corner of California and Taylor Streets.

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Anyone have any advice for parking at or near the Marriott Downtown? I'm there on business so I only need overnight parking. Hotel parking is $48.00 Daily. What do you guys think?

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two self paid parking lots, the bigger one has an attendant till maybe 5 or 6 pm. I think overnight $8. There's a phone number for the company on the sign, if you want, I can get it for you so you can call them about any other questions about times and stuff like that. Walk on Howard to 4th St to your hotel (three blocks). Do not park at 5th and Howard as you get more rift rafty types there. As always, never leave anything valuable visible in the interior of your car, any coats, bags, anything resembling value, lock in the trunk.

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Does anyone have any suggestions for less expensive parking near the Hilton at FW? We will be in SF 10/23 to 10/29. We got a great rate at the hotel but hate to pay $32+tax/day to park. We will use public transportation for the first few days for sightseeing in the city, but need a car to get to Sonoma and San Jose.


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I'm flying into SJC, but staying in USE.
Suggestions -- don't need car while I'm there,
but need to get back and forth to SJC airport?


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Just take the BART. Runs all the way to where the ballpark is.

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FYI - Cable Car is up to $5 each way now.

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Found a cheap parking lot in downtown SF to share!
It is called Royal Valet Parking on Jones St. just below Geary.
This was a cheaper alternative suggested by the doorman at the Hilton
(after a bit of coaxing) which is a 5 minute walk away on O'Farrell.

The garage asked if we were staying in a hotel overnight and then
charged us $15 for 24 hours with in/out access for midweek.
If not staying at a hotel, they would have charged $20. The yellow signs
don't specifically say their company name so confirm when you
pull into the driveway. The walk downtown from Jones through
O'Farrell took us past a group of people down on their luck and
the alternative walk via Geary avoided that crowd.