San Francisco parking rates

There are some hotels in Downtown San Francisco that restrict occupancy to 2 people per room and have only one double bed.

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chinois51 Excellent Website for Driving and Parking in San Francisco Lead [-]

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Here's a great website from the local SF Chronicle telling you everything you might ever want to know about driving and parking in San Francisco:

If you're a new traveler to SF, you might want to bookmark it. More frequent travelers may already be in the know.


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Great parking near Union Square . . . $20/day, with in-n-out privileges . . . if parking 3 days, will valet you to your hotel at no additional charge . . . check out website to see if it works for you . . . advanced reservation required . . .

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I usually park for free on the street when using the Hyatt.  Decided to save money this time and try a 3.5* the Doubletree, but am now stuck with $16/day parking making it more expensive than the Hyatt.

Any tricks to park near the Doubletree for cheap?  

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SFO-2.5* Holiday Inn ($29/day bid worked) has no charge for parking so I was happy to get it rather than Hyatt which charges $13/day for parking. For me the car is more about flexibility, I like to drive to points far N/S but if you're staying for a few days in downtown why hassle with a car? It is a very walking friendly city and MUNI is great and CHEAP. If I feel like spending the day in the city I usually park in the Sunset neighborhood (relatively safe, near GGP and beach) for free, easy to drive south from and take MUNI around.

I finally calculated my total for car/hotel/BART to be $550 for 9 days, split 2 ways and FF miles for flight- what a cheap vacation!

If you put $30 on a Bart card, you get an extra $2.WOOHOO...

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Happy to report that we paid $18 for overnight parking at the Sutter/Stockton garage. We came in on a Saturday at 3pm and left at 1130am Sunday.