San Francisco parking rates

There are some hotels in Downtown San Francisco that restrict occupancy to 2 people per room and have only one double bed.

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03 Jan 2009, 02:42 #101

What's the best weekday parking option while staying at the Mark Hopkins? I'm arriving in San Fran on Thursday evening, heading out Friday early afternoon. Read online that Mark Hopkins gets $50/nt. for parking.

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05 Jan 2009, 01:50 #102

Don't know the rate they charge but I think the closest public garage is across the street at 1111 California in the Masonic Temple Auditorium Garage.

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13 Jan 2009, 19:41 #103

We will be staying at the Renoir Hotel on 45 Mcallister St in two weeks. Does anyone know where the closest public parking lot is an its rates? Thank you.
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We stayed at the Westin St Francis this past weekend, and found the best parking rate at the Sutter-Stockton Garage. Our hotel charges $50/day valet parking; the Union Sq Garage across the street charges $31/24 hours. If you need parking for Sat night and/or Sunday day, the Sutter-Stockton Garage is only $15 max.

Sutter-Stockton Garage
Evening & Sunday Rates
Evenings 6pm - 7am
Sundays 7am-6pm
0-1 Hrs $2.00
1-2 Hrs $4.00
2-3 Hrs $5.50
3+ Hrs $7.50

We parked there from 1am Sunday morning until 9:30am Sunday morning. Our total charge was $13.

I think Ellis-O'Farrell Garage has similar rates for Sat/Sun, and is probably closer to the Westin St Francis. However, I didn't double check.

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Quick reply. Around the corner from the S/S garage is an ace valet parking on Mason St. They do $25 hotel special which lets you drop it off any time after they open (6am) and keep it there until noon the next day (plus you can take it in and out throughout the day). Midweek the S/S garage is $34 for 24 hours. We arrived at 4:30pm yesterday and parked at S/S then found the ace parking place. At 6:30 this morning I moved it to ace and payed $9.50 for the overnight at S/S and now it's $25 until 12 tomorrow.

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I am staying in Club Quarters San Francisco. Does anybody know where is the cheap parking around that area?
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Has anyone parked at the Airport and taken the BART into the city? What would the economy parking be I wonder?

Any info is appreciated.


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calworld, It really depends upon the dates of your stay, as wked parking deals are available. However, hotel parking is always outrageous. Even the Embarcadero Center should be 40% cheaper than any hotel parking.
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You're pretty close to Portsmouth Square at Clay/Kearny. A city garage. Rates might be the same as O'Farrell/Mason & Sutter/Stockton.