Resort, Cheeca Lodge, Islamorada 4/30/13 - 5/2/13 $210/nt

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Resort, Cheeca Lodge, Islamorada 4/30/13 - 5/2/13 $210/nt

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21 Mar 2013, 14:27 #1

I was trying to bid on 4* Key West, biddding in $20 increments, starting at $170.  I added Islamorada at $190, thinking it was a free rebid, then Key Largo at $210, also thinking it was a free rebid.  Won Islamorada.  At least I didn't overbid by more than $19.

My mistake was not seeing the Resort category is now listed at the bottom, so I didn't realize there were resorts available on Islamorada.  I'm certain that Resort was listed at the top in the past(?), which makes sense, since all other categories are in descending order.

Oh, well.  Disappointing, since we wanted to be on Key West.  However, Cheeca looks nice, and lowest available is $369 on their website, so at least we got a good deal.

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21 Mar 2013, 17:21 #2

Thank you for posting your bid. I have friends who love the Cheeca Lodge. You are correct that Resorts were formerly displayed at the top. That was actually several years ago.

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