Reno Full Size 11/6-11/13

Post any instances of Hotwire beating Priceline's price using the exact same bidding parameters. If you cannot illustrate that Priceline could not beat
Hotwire's price, after comparing the total cost with taxes and fees, your post will be removed. The Hotwire rate you use must be their opaque rate where
you don't know the rental car company until after you submit your credit card. Do not use Hotwire's rates directly from the rental car company where
you do not pay in advance. Those are retail rates.

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Reno Full Size 11/6-11/13

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October 22nd, 2009, 5:04 pm #1

First Bid Full Size car for $16 - Failed, Second Bid - Full Size car for $18 - Failed, Third Bid - Full-Size car for $20 - Accepted at National Rental Car - Reno/Tahoe Intl Airport.

[font=&AMP]Your Offer Price:[/font]
[font=&AMP]$20.00 (per day)[/font]
[font=&AMP]Total Rental Days:[/font]
[font=&AMP]7 days(6 days and 22 hours)[/font]
[font=&AMP] Taxes and Fees:[/font]
[font=&AMP]Total Charges:[/font]
[font=&AMP]Lowest Published Price:[/font]
[font=&AMP]$511.30 (USD)[/font]
[font=&AMP]Total Savings:*[/font]
[font=&AMP]$313.00 (USD) (You saved 61%)[/font]