Priceline Hotels Ratings - how often are they updated ON THIS WEBSITE

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Priceline Hotels Ratings - how often are they updated ON THIS WEBSITE

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Just curious how often hotel star-levels are updated on this website. I ask because in looking at the San Francisco Hotels List for Union Square East, the Chancellor Hotel is listed as a 2.5* property. Other websites list this property at 3* Further, one would think it was above even a 3* rating by looking at the reviews on Tripadvisor (4th most popular hotel in San Francisco).

I know you're never guaranteed a certain property when bidding on Priceline, but if I wanted to "try" for the Chancellor, I would try for a 2.5* in the USE zone. BUT, is the hotel list on this website still accurate? OR, has something changed that perhaps there may be other 2.5* hotels in the USE zone as far as Priceline is concerned (Priceline doesn't even list the Chancellor on its website when I do a search for hotels for my date of travel).

I'm only asking because I didn't know if the Chancellor had undergone a renovation and it's now considered more than a 2.5* property, or if everything is routinely kept up to date on the hotels listings pages.

Thank you.

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The Hotel Lists are updated as changes/additions are reported.

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