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Priceline/Hotels Failing To Honor Contractual Agreements/Suspicious Double Billing

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September 21st, 2010, 10:42 am #1

Greetings Everyone,
                               As some may recognize, I have used this forum and Priceline for quite some time now. I have made mistakes in the past and learned from them. Once I had to fly a puddle jumper because I checked a local airport when my destination was another state. Oh well, I got a scenic tour of Los Angeles.

                               This situation is too much to ignore and I wish it upon no one else.
 Priceline is allowing hotels to cancel prepaid bookings when the market gives an advantage that the hotel management failed to prepare for.

This has happened to me several times. My patience is exhausted. I do plan to take legal action. I do not seek assistance on this forum for my litigation. Again, my intent is to assist other legitimate customers from being violated/denied of their legal rights.

                                 Several years ago, I booked a hotel at Downtown Disney World area. I noticed the hotel was very busy that weekend and showed no availability on conventional websites. I was concerned so I confirmed the prepaid stay many times. Upon check in, I was told I would have to accept a much less desirable hotel because: "Priceline sold rooms they do not have".

No way!

 I was being hustled.

The hotel allowed Priceline the inventory much ahead of time failing to foresee the market advantage. The hotel was full of dedicated convention guests who would gladly payed thrice or more than I did for a room. I was compensated by the hotel owner and left the matter to experience.

Now I go to beautiful Seattle, which is simular to many cities with tight availability and inventory. I have a week long prepaid stay at a SeaTac Ramada. When I checked in , the clerk was mumbling in discord. He was stating that he could give me a special rate when I knew it was prepaid. Something was shady, I just could not pinpoint it yet. Upon departure, I requested several times for a folio to assure no incidentals or charges. I was repeatedly denied this and assured all was prepaid. Days later, a multi hundred dollar charge was placed on my Amex card.
IMHO, I was being hustled. The hotel was packed, giving me the impression that they regretted selling inventory on Priceline when much more profit could have been made.

Wyndham Corporate, Ramada's parent co., agreed that the circumstances were odd. Priceline stays are not cancelled by hotel management prior to/upon customers arrival. Then customer is billed conventionally. I could sense that hotel staff regretted selling me the room via Priceline. Wyndham Corporate gave Ramada a deadline to correct the situation. I could not get a straight answer from hotel staff yet I was compensated after referring my concern to Wyndham legal department. Thank goodness for Amex, they knew something was shady as well. Amex was mainly concerned with getting my money returned. Amex did state that the matter did warrant attention from authorities for making unauthorized charges. End of that story.

Now we go to Dallas, Texas. Home of SuperBowl 2010. Which happens to be the date/weekend I booked several prepaid stays at a DFW airport hotel. A hotel owned by Wyndham, go figure. I booked these stays in March 2010, now I am told by hotel manager they are canceled. Priceline claims no knowledge of the matter. I have yet to go corporate level.

I am very upset, needless to state. This is a very obvious attempt by a hotel manager to correct their own mistake, deny me my legal contract right to a hotel stay, prepaid.

Where is the famous policy from Priceline when it is in the favor of a paying customer(that has already paid)?

I will allow Wyndham an opportunity to correct this. If they fail, I will pursue whatever means necessary to seek satisfaction otherwise.Next stop will be the  Attorney General's Office,Connecticut for Priceline,Texas for Wyndham. This matter affects all consumers.

My fellow bidder's, be aware of this. I know that I am not alone in this matter. Very important to print out itineraries when a price has been accepted. Hotel star levels can drop over time or they simply close down, change management. I would welcome any comments, opinions and/or suggestions.