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NYC/Empire State Building - The Roger Hotel, 4*

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January 27th, 2014, 4:57 pm #1

WARNING: Upon check out, we were hit with an unexpected "Administrative Fee" (abbreviated "Admin Fee" on our bill). $24 per night! I asked what this was all about and was told that this was a "standard charge" at the Roger Hotel. "Some hotels charge Resort Fees" we were told. "Yes, but those hotels actually have resort SERVICES," I reminded the desk clerk. Impossible to get this fee off our bill.

ADMINISTRATIVE FEE?!? Like for the desk clerk to give us a key and issue us a bill when we leave? OUTRAGEOUS! Has anyone ever heard about this sort of scam?

Besides this totally unacceptable surcharge, the hotel was great. Great location. Decent sized room. Impeccable bathroom. Although the only reason we stayed there was because we won a PL bid at $140/night -- this "automatic" surcharge really made me hot under the color. No other hotel has EVER charged this kind of fee -- okay a couple of bucks for city tax, that has happened. But $24 per night extra (after already paying "Fees and Taxes" through PL) was a disappointment.

IF YOU "WIN" A PRICELINE BID AT THE ROGER HOTEL, YOU WILL PAY THIS ADDITIONAL CHARGE! I would also say that if you plan on booking a room at this hotel in some other manner, be sure to find out there are any "other charges" so you can REALLY know how much you'll be paying.
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