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July 11th, 2012, 10:50 pm #11

Stayed from Jul 6-8 2012

$100 PL winning bid

Single king bed, 12th floor.

Since the resort fee was wasn't disclosed to us at check in, I was able to get one of the two waived. I was fine with that. The fee doesn't really bother me as it includes free wifi and shuttle bus if you decide to use them. I self-park so valet has little value to me. Now if I paid retail rack rate of $285 for each of those nights, then I'd probably be bothered by the $25 resort fee.

As for the hotel. It truly is a great place in a majestic setting. I've stayed in numerous Lake Tahoe properties over the years and by FAR, this place is a hidden gem. Very family centric, totally relaxing, great amenities and peaceful. That's what I was looking for and got.

The rooms are recently remodeled and very modern and up to date. The entire hotel was clean and appealing. The service was top notch; exactly what I expect at a Hyatt.

Other reviewers speak of receiving a glass of champagne upon check in. We didn't get that though we saw other guests who did. No problem. We brought two bottles of our own which we happily consumed in our room on our own.

We are already planning on returning soon, but with our kids next time.
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