MSP Full 6/30-7/9 $21

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MSP Full 6/30-7/9 $21

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24 Jun 2014, 16:52 #1

Not sure exactly but the Bid process seems different then before.  I put in my bid, but the next screen said it was "on hold" because a Full Size car was not available.  But...  here are some other deals.  One of which was a FULL SIZE Car for the exact price i had just bid.  STRANGE?

Here is my deal.  Only made one offer and it was accepted.  I thought that since this was over 4th of July i would have to bid more.  My last car at MSP was a mid-size for $19 so i thought $21 for a full was a good deal, but i got it on my first try.  Normally i like to get some rejections to gather data, for you and me.

Summary of Charges
Weekly Rate:$158.98 (1 x $158.98)
Extra Daily Rate:$45.42 (2 x $22.71)
Taxes and Fees:$108.23
Estimated Total Rental Car Charges:$312.63 (payable at the rental counter)
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