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Louisville, Clarksville-Jeffersonville, Sheraton Louisville Riverside 3*

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August 17th, 2012, 7:15 pm #1

I just finished a one night stay at this hotel and was very impressed.

First, let me explain as to how I rate hotels. By far, the three most important things to me are (in the order of importance) Cleanliness, Comfort and Quietness. If they get those three right then the hotel starts with a 4 (out of 5) star rating. Anything else such as restaurants, pools, exercise rooms, courtesy of staff that is less than or better than average for similar hotels will then cause the rating to go up or down.  

That being said, the lobby, elevators, hallways and the room were all very clean. The bedding was extremely comfortable.  The only problem I encountered was with the quietness of the room.  It was for the most part nice and quiet, very little noise from adjoining rooms and hallway and only a small amount from hwy 65 (and I was on the side facing the highway).  Everything was fine until about 6am when it was time for the trash truck to arrive and empty out their trash bin.  He was very loud and very determined to get every last bit of trash out of the container, a container that turned out to be right below my window.   Because of the isolated area that this effects (rooms low on the northeast corner) combined with the truly apologetic and professional way this was handled by the front desk staff at check out, I’m going to hold off deducting points for this. 

I could not find anything else to the negative to lower their rating but to the positive, the kind and professional attitude of all encounters I had with the staff, the excellent restaurant (Bristol Bar & Grille, a very good local chain with normal, not hotel inflated, pricing) the great view of the city from across the river, the free parking and safety of the area plus the overall feel of cleanliness and quality allows me to add the extra star and give them a full five star rating.