LGA (New York LaGuardia) Midsize Car 10/30/2017 Alamo $50 per day

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LGA (New York LaGuardia) Midsize Car 10/30/2017 Alamo $50 per day

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19 Nov 2017, 04:15 #1

We accessed Priceline through the BFT Link.

We had reserved a refundable "Last Minute Deal" through Alamo's website for $58 per day on Sunday night, to pick up at LaGuardia after an early morning flight on Monday.

We like Alamo because they permit you to choose your vehicle yourself.

I have come to believe that at least on last minute car rental deals, Priceline Name Your Own Price is not always the best deal.

As an example, there was a pay in advance, non refundable Hertz Special Deal on Sunday night on Priceline, offering a full size car at LaGuardia for $46.00, plus fees and taxes.

I attempted to start bidding at $25, and Priceline counter offered a bid of $63.00.  Although on Name Your Own Price Car Rentals you are only permitted to bid once every 24 hours, unless you bid on another size class, Priceline gave me more than one shot at the full size category.

When I bid the same $46 that Hertz was offering, I was rejected, and told to bid $63.00.

I therefore just relied upon the refundable Alamo Last Minute Deal.  When I landed in New York, I made another Priceline bid on my iPad at the Airport, for a Mid Sized car for $50.  I was accepted, coincidentally, by Alamo.

The one useful advantage that Priceline's Car Rental Name Your Own Price has is where you have a debit card, but not a credit card available.

If you win a Priceline Car Rental bid, and you are on a round trip airline flight, you are permitted to use a debit card with no credit check, etc.  According to the fine print, if you rent a car without being on a Priceline Name Your Own Price, the Rental Car Company may run a credit check before deciding whether to rent you a car.

The best rental car prices are often available weeks before you travel.  You can book a cancel able  reservation.  When trips come up a day or so before the travel date, it is often difficult to find a good price on a major brand car rental. 

The lower priced rental companies like Thrifty, Dollar, etc, also seem to charge much higher prices for necessary extras like toll transponders, which can make their initial low price more expensive than the major rental companies.