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12 Oct 2005, 16:20 #21

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12 Oct 2005, 19:58 #22

I have just recently experienced the same problem of recieving the reply that I am banned when I attempt to open the biddingfortravel site. I read thru the suggestions to change my security levels to allow cookies. When I checked this area with Internet Explorer I found my setting was at medium which should not have created a problem. Just to ensure I move it to "accept all cookies", saved the change, then restarted IE. I still still had the same outcome so I then restarted my computer. Same problem. do you have any suggestions? I am sending this by logging on to another computer and am not having a problem. Also, I am not an AOL user.

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04 May 2006, 21:30 #23

That sounds weird, what OS are you using? It might be the browser version you are using or the OS.