Hotel Renovation issues

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Hotel Renovation issues

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My parents and brother booked the Sheraton in Columbia, Maryland for 12/25/08 - 1/1/09 thru PL. It is rated a 3.5 star and, according to their website, is undergoing a 12 million dollar renovation. I know the PL philosophy about bookings is pretty much "if you pay, you stay" but is there anyway to resolve this with PL? Would it be worth it for my parents or brother to call them and get a refund as long as they rebid on a different area for the original dates? This hotel had a 3 star rating for years and I don't understand how it got upgraded to 3.5. I walked into the lobby today and wasn't impressed at all. The size of it has been reduced by about half because of the temporary walls that have been put up to hide the construction projects. I talked to someone there and she said her boss had to move to another section of the hotel because of the construction noises that start "at the wee hours of the morning." Any suggestions?