Has anyone ever had any success with PL Quality Guarantee

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Priceline's Quality Experience Guarantee - San Diego Coastal
I bid on a 3 star hotel in San Diego Coastal, August 23-26. I received the Hyatt Mission Bay. When I read reviews on Trip Advisor, I learned that this hotel was under renovation, the pool was closed, and many facilities were unavailable.

I called Priceline and told them that the Hotel was not really a 3 star hotel since so many facilities were unavailable.

Priceline customer service agreed and offered to process a refund.

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16 Nov 2008, 00:01 #12

I bid on a hotel that technically was outside the shaded area shown on Priceline's map of the city. After I raised the problem with Priceline, the shaded area has been extended to include that hotel.

When I first noticed the problem, I called Priceline to cancel. The people I talked with said that was not possible. I kept good records of all my emails and phone calls to Priceline. When it came time to dispute the charge with my credit card company, I was able to send a summary of my contact with Priceline and let them know I had complete records to back up my complaint.

I just received a letter from my credit card company saying it had uphold my dispute. I do not have to pay Priceline money for a hotel that was outside the area I was bidding for. The dispute process took almost three months with my credit card company. This was in addition to five weeks of trying to deal with Priceline.