Does calling Hotwire work?

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Does calling Hotwire work?

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24 Jun 2016, 12:40 #1

I called Hotwire yesterday because they had a hotel listing for $115/night with retail of over $400/night. (Dolphin Hotel near Disney.) Upon giving the reference #, the customer service rep immediately told me that the last person who booked got a certain hotel.  Then she proceeded to get me to make the purchase.  I didn't because I was tired and needed more time to think.

Can anyone comment on the likelihood that I would have gotten the hotel she told me the last person got?

I am pretty much in agreement with people here that Priceline is the better & cheaper way to go.  However, if I could really get the Dolphin for that rate, I would sign on.  (Of course, it is not showing up in my Hotwire search today.)

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There is no likelihood that you would have gotten the hotel listed. It's just marketing.

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