credit card at checkin

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credit card at checkin

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since i no longer hold an american bank account (now living overseas but visiting family in US), i was going to have my dad bid for hotel for our week in LA. however he lives in pittsburgh and won't be with us.

is there any way to purchase hotel on priceline bid, and not have to show the card/his ID at checkin? i'd call the hotel directly if i knew what it was going to be. obviously he's authorizing it.

any help here before i commit to bidding then be unable to use the room would be appreciated.

thanks in advance!

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27 Sep 2010, 23:35 #2

There's no problem; all your dad has to do is enter your name as the person checking into the room. The credit card that you give the hotel when you check in does not have to be the same as the one used to pay for the room (the hotel has no record of this card anyway, as Priceline pays the hotel through its own account).
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