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While we want you to share in your excitement when you post your winning bids, please go on the assumption that the hotel and/or Priceline is reading your post. When you brag that you've accomplished something that may be outside of the intent of the hotel's participation in Priceline's hotel program, you are jeopardizing the continued participation of that hotel with Priceline. I can assure you that the hotel chains and Priceline monitor this message board. In fact, I have been contacted by one of the major hotel chains and a representative of another major hotel chain has commented on another message board that he monitors Believe me, they know all the tricks. We don't want hotels pulling out because Priceline customers have abused the value proposition. That value proposition is occupying a room with two people and using the services of that hotel that are intended for those two people. Seeking ways to obtain an upgrade or affinity program benefits are outside the intent of a hotel's participation with Priceline. Planning parties in conjunction with a Priceline stay is clearly outside the intent of a hotel's participation with Priceline.

More people means more noise, trash and general liability that the property assumes when protecting their guests. Entertaining non-registered guests at the pool means the use of extra towels. Bringing in children for a pool party causes the hotel to assume a tremendous amount of liability. That is clearly outside the scope of the hotel's participation with Priceline.

Please be respectful of the value proposition when using Priceline so we are ensured that hotels will not pull out of the program due to abuse by customers obtained through Priceline.

I have recently become aware of more than one hotel that no longer participates with Priceline due to what they consider a high incidence of Priceline guests either abusing the program or stealing. It is now the policy of that any information included in a post that will jeopardize the continued participation of the hotel in Priceline's program will be removed.'s mission is to promote informed bidding, not to enlighten the hotels and/or Priceline to abuses by Priceline customers.
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