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Conrad Centenial 23-25 Oct 2010 USD 110++/night

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I must be the worst bidder here, or had bad luck with timing of a big conference in S'pore (think it's a bit of both).  $110 for a weekend stay seems pretty crappy compared to other posts.

Worst still, there is an arguably better HSBC promotion that I was already aware of.  But part of me wanted to go through with this priceline booking, being my first ever attempt and wanting to see what all the fuss about name-your-price was about.  FYI, the HSBC credit card promo is for a weekend stay and it works out to a pricier USD 138/night but includes breakfast, late checkout and I believe the option to cancel xx hrs before checkin.  I confirmed with the hotel that my priceline booking does not include breakfast, which I've read is really worthwhile at the Conrad.  Oh well.

Started bidding late Sep at $75/night  for 22-27Oct stay in 5* in City Hall/Marina Bay area.  Worked my way up $2 each day for a week or so.  Then got impatient and increased each bid by $5, until $110 was accepted -- but only for Sat/Sun.

Tried the permutation strategy for extra bids but it was of limited use as it seems that priceline now prevents you from deselecting areas already chosen.