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Circumventing Priceline's Rules

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March 14th, 2001, 5:40 pm #1

Since there have been some questions posted about circumventing Priceline's no change, no refund, no cancel policy, and about repeat bidding without changing a required aspect of your offer, to evade a lockout period, it is the policy of that postings along this topic will not be allowed. The purpose of this message board is to assist you to become an informed bidder. In that regard, the FAQs on this board open by directing the user to fully familiarize him/herself with Priceline's website.

Priceline's business model is dependent upon enforcing their stated rules. I feel strongly that the airline, hotel and car rental partners that Priceline uses would, in some instances, not participate with Priceline if these rules were not in place.

Most of us have no problem with the rules we've agreed to because we know that without these rules, we could never hope to get the deals we get. It is in our best interest that Priceline stick around, so we have to do our part by agreeing to their rules.

No one ever said that using Priceline wasn't assuming a risk. There's a trade off here and I hope that those whose plans change will realize that for the benefit of all Priceline users, they should accept the consequences of getting a deal not available anywhere else.
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