Chicago Parking/Garages

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12 Apr 2006, 17:48 #41

The Millennium Park garage is about a 5 minute walk (3-4 blocks) from the Hyatt Regency. We've stayed at the Hyatt Regency several times and each time we've parked at the MP garage. I just drop off the family at the main entrance on Upper Wacker and drive down to the entrance at Lower Randolph. Walking back to the hotel is pretty easy. If the weather's bad, It's possible to go between the MP garage and the Hyatt without having to go out in the open using the street below N. Columbus Ave ( Lower Columbus?). I usually go through the Fairmont Hotel when going between the parking garage and the Hyatt. However, walking on the lower streets in Chicago isn't always the most pleasant experience. If the weather's nice, I usually just take N. (Upper) Columbus to Randolph and then take the stairs down to the garage.

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Just got back 4 day Memorial Weekend and had good luck with parking. Stayed at Hyatt Regency used Millenium garage(Columbus Entrance) headed to northernmost part of garage, two block walk to hotel. Took car out of garage before end of each 24 hour period($16 each time) then parked car on nearby street Sunday and Monday(Memorial Day), confirmed through CPD that meters were free. 4 days of downtown parking for $32, not bad!!

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Their website now says parking there is $3 up to 18 hours. Good deal if you're staying at one of the nearby hotels.

I was at the Hyatt O'Hare earlier this year and they were charging $17 per night, I think. But the nearby Hyatt Rosemont offers free parking. Go figure.

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any relatively cheap parking garages with relatively easy access to the CTA?

going to be at the millenium knickerbocker (NMA) for 5 days without need for my car. valet parking is $40 a day at the knickerbocker, so anything around $20/day would be great!

doesn't matter where the garage is, as long as I can get on the CTA to take me to my hotel. trying to save some money, ya know

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I'll be driving to Chicago in October and would like to stay downtown. I have disabilities and with my disabled parking permit I can park for free at the meters.

I'm wondering what my chances will be for finding an open meter relatively close to my hotel (I've not chosen a hotel yet). Once I park the car I could take public transportation to the places I'll be going during our stay, as they're all in the downtown area.

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Won Swissotel bid for $55 for one night on 12/27/2006. Parking at Swissotel is $45! Instead parked at East Monroe garage (went to northernmost section) from about 2:45 PM on the 27th to 2 PM on the 28th. Total cost: $16. Didn't need the car. Had my 4-year-old son, so I put him in the stroller, put our stuff in a backpack and walked the 2 blocks or so to the hotel (exited onto Randolph Street at Columbus). Worked like a charm! I will definitely do this again the next time I stay in the Millenium Park area as we never move the car once it's parked.

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While parking at the Palmer House is costly (around $40) there are decent alternatives. On Wabash across from the hotel and further south on Wabash there are "pay box" spots. These are not cheap (.25 per 5 minutes) but they cease at 6PM and are not in effect Sundays. The problem is they start at 6AM (!) and one cannot pay at night and receive time for the next morning.

A good lot choice is "1 parking) about 3 blocks south of the hotel on the west side of Wabash. It is by DePaul; the weekend charge is $11 for all day.

Parking, though not easy in this area, is a good deal easier than parking by the Hyatt, Westin etc.

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does anyone know if there is still a limit on how long you can park at the park 'n rides (to take the el)? when i look on the website, most of the prices are quoted for 24 hours. earlier posts on here state that there is a limit of 18 hours.

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I am looking for overnight parking near or around McCormick PL., must of the parking garages that I found don't offer overnight parking, ( Soldier Field, Museun) The only other place is the Hyatt at McCormick for $ 24.00 for 24 hr. ? Are there any other places with a better rate.

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I may be stating the obvious, or someone may have a more clever way to do this, but I find it's helpful to call several parking ramps before I arrive in Chicago. Because using Priceline means you'll often stay at different hotels each time you go, it helps to have a plan before you arrive.

I use the handy-dandy Chicago Parking Map link ( to see all the private parking lots and ramps in downtown Chicago. I zoom in on the area around my hotel. The maps are nicely marked and have the hotels listed. You'll see a blue "P" for parking lots/ramps. If you click on the "P" you will see very general information about the ramp like the number of spaces and a telephone number for the ramp attendant/owner.

I then call the ramp and ask what their rates are for a 24 hour period for a weekday. (If you are coming in after 4:00 or so on Friday afternoon, I'd ask them if they have weekend rates and what time they are applicable.) On a recent visit to the Intercontinental on Michigan Avenue on a Thursday night, I found rates for private ramps ranging from $22 to $28 for a 24 hour period. (The hotel rate was almost $50.) So you see that it's helpful to call a few places, find the cheapest rate, and map out a plan for your arrival.

By the way, if you aren't from a big city, know that you will spend big bucks to park in ramps for less than 24 hours. Most ramps make you pay the 24 hour rate starting at 8-10 hours. They'll make you pay something like $6/$9 for the first hour, then $15 or something for up to 3-4 hours, then $20 or something for 4-8 hours, then the ful daily rate for over 8 hours and up to 24 hours. Then at the 24 hour mark, the clock starts all over again. Goody! (My examples above are fictitious, since I'm not from Chicago and don't park there often enough to give you a good example. But as a small city gal, I wasn't aware of the outrageous rates they charge for such small amounts of time!)